​Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most commonly asked questions:

Is lodging included?

Do I have to be a Coach or Consultant to attend the 2 day event? 

This experience is for ambitious entrepreneurs and creatives who are ready to upgrade their mindset, brand clarity and business acumen.

 Do I have to have a business established?

Will I get 1:1 Coaching at this event?

What precautions will be placed to ensure COVID Safety?

Meet Your Accountability Coach!

Hey Accountability Partners!


I can help you go from shrinking to SUPERSTAR!  I am confident in this way of thinking  becasue I know that we all have a gift.  After 15 minutes with me, you will think differently and ultimately behave differently.  It's all about the mindset.


I went from dropping 3 speech classes in college, to serving 20 years in the mental health field which has helped to position me as a Mindset and Clarity Strategist serving ambitious Creatives & Entreprenuers.  I now use my superpowers to help others find thiers.  Helping Creatives and Entreprenuers gain clarity, build confidnece which increases their cash flow is my zone of genius!


I’ve worked with hundreds of entreprenuers from all around the world in industries like life coaching, personal finance, business coaching, motivational speaking, mental health counseling, publishing, and more!

I am commited to helping others get out of thier own way so they can be their be authentic selves and get paid to do what they love!


It's go time.  Are you ready?